History and Business

TONG group is an international stainless steel fastener manufacturing group with several manufacturing bases in Malaysia, Thailand and China. Tong Heer, with the experience and advantages from the TONG group, not only brings the latest manufacturing technologies and inspection equipment, but also brings the best management experience and the concept of customer service to our customers. We use advanced imported equipment and automatic manufacturing system with scientific process design and a mass production line. These systems provide the highest competitiveness and the lowest production cost.

Tong Heer was established by the Tong group in 1989 (Malaysia's factory) and 2005 (Thailand's factory) for manufacturing stainless steel fasteners. Tong Heer's products are widely used in many different industries including the solar energy industry, the petrochemical industry, machine assembling, food machinery, telecommunication, construction, etc.


Tong Heer Fasteners was incorporated at the Prai Free Trade Zone, Penang, with an initial capital of RM5 Million covering 49,127 square meters of land, including 4,200 square meters of factory building.
Tong Heer Fasteners commenced operations producing stainless steel nuts.
Tong Heer was awarded the ISO 9002:1994 certification.
Tong Heer expanded its production area with another 9,730 square meters.
Tong Heer began producing stainless steel bolts/screws.
Tong Heer further expanded its production area with another 4,533 square meters.
To accommodate and achieve accurate inventory data, Tong Heer invested in a sophisticated automated warehouse.
Tong Herr Resources Berhad, a public limited company was incorporated in Malaysia. Tong Heer Fasteners Co., Sdn Bhd is wholly owned subsidiary of Tong Herr Resources Bhd.
The Securities Commission approved Tong Herr Resources Berhad to be listed on the main board of the KLSE.
Tong Heer further expanded its production area with another 12,600 square meters.
Tong Heer ( Thailand ) was established in Thailand, Chonburi Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, total land area of 25,000 square meters.
Tong Heer ( Thailand ) finished the construction and started to produce stainless steel bolts/screws.
Tong Heer further expanded its production area, total land area of 22,356 square meters.
Tong Heer ( Thailand ) was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification.
Tong Heer (Thailand) finished the 2nd phase construction and installation of the new bolt/screw forming machines.
Tong Heer ( Thailand ) started to use of AS/RS systems.
Tong Heer Aluminium was established at the Prai Industrial Estate, sited on an area of 7.6 acres.
Tong Heer further expanded its production area with another 13,602 square meters.