Malaysia Facilities

AS/RS ( Automatic Storage / Retrieval Logistics System )

The AS/RS warehouse is an automatic warehouse providing the automatic pallet system. AS/RS offer incredible pick and put cycle times along with more accurate inventory management. A basic AS/RS system is comprised of one or more aisles, each having a robotic crane to retrieve from and store product in the racks on either side of the aisle. The use of a robotic crane allows racks to be built several stories high over almost any length, providing more storage density than almost any other storage solution. The cranes also bring the materials to the operator which virtually eliminates wait, walk and cycle times. AS/RS systems can also handle a variety of materials, from small bins of parts up to entire pallets of materials, with fast cycle times and high precision.

Benefits of AS/RS Systems:

  • Dramatic improvements in operator efficiency and storage capacity
  • Reduction of work-in-progress inventory
  • Improvements in quality and Just-in-Time performance
  • Provides make-to-order capability in addition to make-to-inventory production
  • Real-time inventory control and instantaneous reporting functionality